I thought it was done…

But then I saw the new Netflix Death Note movie.

And it was… not good.

In a drunken rage, I hacked together a HD Death Note anime release I downloaded some time ago (Moozzi2 if anyone cares), cobbled together some kind of subs from what we had, and matched it to the new version.
Decided it was way too huge, source is not good enough for 1080p to really matter, and FLAC is a unneeded piece of shit. Batched up a few encodes and fell asleep. When I woke up, I decided I might as well release it.

Looks decent, lacks the nice playlists, as I can’t remember how to make one, and can’t be arsed to look it up right now.
I’ve watched about 16 seconds before skipping along, and only from random files, so it might not be perfect, but when has that ever stopped us!? Also lolling a bit at the filesize, but AAC and a ffmpeg preset tuned for animation made it quite small, while it looks good enough for my tired eyes.

Discovered, to my surprise, that Nyaa had taken the piss. And usually trusted Pirate Bay refused to register so I could upload. Looks like OpenBitTorrent is down (or dead?), but Nyaa-lookalike Nyaa.si and leechers-paradise.org works.
If this thing works, I’ve uploaded the torrent I made to https://nyaa.si/view/953473


I tried getting some QC done, but as usual, my compatriot in crime is slower than an aging turtle, and had shut down his ftp server as well. If signs bleed, or episodes are fucked, or anything else is wrong, blame him.

I’m too old for this shit…

And as always, this is the *last* time ever. And fuck suiton.

Still alive

I come bringing big news.

There shall be no further Death Note-related releases from us. And that includes the specials. Meaning that they are dropped, and you can’t convince me to pick them up again.

Kuro-Hana released a H264 720p and shitty xvid of the first special, so go download that instead.
Also, there are rumors that they are going to do the second special as well. Therefore, no need to pester us about it.

Happy holidays, you bastards!

Death Note summary

So, with our first project finished, it’s time for a tiny little summary. (And yes, we consider the series as one project, and then each special as their own project).

Without these people, this project would never have seen the light of day

  • Animanda — for translations up to episode 31
  • Kuro-Hana — translations from episode 32 to 35
  • Ruberia — translations for episode 36 and 37

Then, the staff from TSR that worked on the project

  • gorken — QC, distro, public relations (some website-posting and IRC management) and whining
  • pnb — everything else, plus walls of text on the website.

Finally, to all of you incredibly patient people who kept pestering and nagging for updates and releases. Without that, we would never have bothered doing this all over again. And possibly not even the first time.

Also, I just updated the scripts available here, so if some of you for some reason want the ASS-files only, they’re available in ass/dn. And going on AniDB to rate us and/or comment is also appreciated.


Failure. A word that describes the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, opposite of success.

Failure. A word that describes an object, person or endeavour in a state of failure or incapable of success

Failure. A word that describes the termination of the ability of an item to perform its required function.

Failure. The english language cannot describe TSR with one word any better.

Rebirth. We startet out pretty great in my opinion. Fairly regular releases. Good video quality. Some v2 and v3s, but hey, we had never before done anything like this. I have to say I am pretty proud of our releases. That was the beginning of TSR.

Frenzy. And so we managed to finish the complete Death Note series. The first group to complete the whole series in English. We were high up in the sky! When looking back it all seemed so easy. So we decided to do it all once more. But this time we wouldn’t settle for less. Ordered chapters, alpha-timing, even better quality, double quality checks and whatnot. As I said; we were really up high. That was what should have been the end of TSR’s Death Note work.

Doubt. As we started on the batch-rework we soon realized what we had done. The work morale soon disappeared, and work started to slow down. So slow that it soon stalled completely. We lost interest. Death Note was not fun anymore, and we were sick and tired of working on it. This is was the first sign of our failure.

Silence. Weeks and months passed by. Our Death Note work had as much activity as your generic american ghost town. People started to get more and more impatient and nagging in our IRC channel. After a while I just tuned it out and responded in a fairly cruel way. Unfortunately people didn’t seem to care that much about my responses and slowly I lost interest in that too. This was the death of TSR.

New World. The fight between Kira and his pursuers finally comes to an end. In the same fashion we have decided to let Death Note go. I know we promised a release in time for christmas, and I regret that we have to let you down. Death Note and TSR is taking up too much time in our lives and we are not going to have the same enthusiasm as before ever again for this project. TSR might return some time for another project but from our mood right now that doesn’t seem likely. This is the failure of TSR.

We are sorry…

…that we lied. Because we have finished the entire batch! Death Note is complete!

Torrents can be found at: NyaaTorrents
The bot in #TSR on irc.rizon.net should be updated in some time.

We hope you enjoy this full batch of Death Note. Although we didn’t enjoy the making of it so much at the end we are going to look back at the work with pride. On a side note; 1 of November 2008 is exactly one year after when we first published an episode of Death Note. A year is a long time, but rest assured, this is quality! Good night.

Release checksums

In case you ever started wondering what the real files look like.

Episode Sums
ep01 CRC: EC7E40CE
MD5: f032d940c0c3bfc6830f25e4dd2f64fa
ep01-pre CRC: 41DD3E49
MD5: b39da7f1e47ab22925dae514dda473da
ep02 CRC: 830686DD
MD5: fe5145087d693efafb4a444b8ff477a8
ep02-pre CRC: C60FD3CE
MD5: 36fde7cade6d35f18fdfc5fc3dedbc52
ep03 CRC: 68AE4D6C
MD5: 03cb4fee12101b1bd67824e821684009
ep03-pre CRC: D6811F95
MD5: 97dcd4a5d5c74d964fe3777956308db2
ep04 CRC: 8F12E1C4
MD5: fdcc0d6cf1473037e10c58371705796f
ep04-pre CRC: 0ADD51F1
MD5: c173a4b1584e8c834581f696820e6ba0
ep05 CRC: D87D4150
MD5: 51ddeb317c2679143b8adc715c568a40
ep05-pre CRC: 45CD985A
MD5: d75ec1ed07a80bd557d0c55863cb8c48
ep06 CRC: 716ECF28
MD5: c24f5a86691904dad2794a6b05e45caf
ep06-pre CRC: FAF5E427
MD5: ca01bd3cb362d2ea5bddad7947a83826
ep07 CRC: 54ABFCE1
MD5: e106f9c01d076bbd97f8605bbe961ea3
ep07-pre CRC: B2202925
MD5: 3dbc6caee33fc15cffe5657e9dd3ad5a
ep08 CRC: 789D3DB2
MD5: 1aaa328a8affcdfd0df21bb375459584
ep08-pre CRC: 89BB5801
MD5: e737b169dee04302ed7bdbfd9427b527
ep09 CRC: 2B913E22
MD5: d3a72117fe6cfb893eaf17b94dbf4341
ep09-pre CRC: 19461661
MD5: d39257e1450c1fb41f1191d3ef3544c6
ep10 CRC: E99FAB88
MD5: bc8cdb05e431d13c55718cb4b859e3ab
ep10-pre CRC: 21534B77
MD5: 242cc55c0e97ce3e99a4a74e91ff2bfa
ep11 CRC: 3FD480C6
MD5: 8c69d5692501bd9b5c9ff1299e023c51
ep11-pre CRC: 4EAC6CE6
MD5: a45bc65738c802d5f3bbd73ff645c671
ep12 CRC: 8265415A
MD5: 92733493185380876895d1453aa3627d
ep12-pre CRC: 351EFE3D
MD5: 44eb766da4a43d533f1a39471d42c8da
ep13 CRC: 8B1933DD
MD5: f03967dd269f721d7bfc3e4afb463c38
ep13-pre CRC: 6C6B8FD5
MD5: 6bb84b11d1d098e1084dbe598165d4dd
ep14 CRC: 80F6D960
MD5: 292f26ef1579c2734bec27bf41d6178f
ep14-pre CRC: 32AF939D
MD5: 3333ed863f593868455289e8cb878d78
ep15 CRC: 692B90B9
MD5: 01573cb1eb70241df5a8b5b1d6e12233
ep15-pre CRC: 83855CC8
MD5: 20fffd4a1eae70783359163df8e35f91
ep16 CRC: C44D32C6
MD5: 9fb6ea6e790550a88bd46f1c982783f9
ep16-pre CRC: D71570EA
MD5: 6ff69180b96e2fc9d254fd468b8e4813
ep17 CRC: 7AD23527
MD5: 743e2ca6ab77f3d2d8b3a8f9ec63dfde
ep17-pre CRC: F427CDBE
MD5: 1d75e65ad1b6ac0466895002360beeac
ep18 CRC: 28FEBCC6
MD5: 53b47db54493094080b510e86c2b0d0e
ep18-pre CRC: FE6C4E9B
MD5: 9233892171e7c3ef898bbdad3b79c58b
ep19 CRC: 7E37814F
MD5: 87af65280b3c34ce99922e5c0f259b13
ep19-pre CRC: 5615C7B8
MD5: 661d1315a9e7868056664d040ed41890
ep20 CRC: C0C91E3E
MD5: 73d1aae7beb2ac127a88f384a42df4ff
ep20-pre CRC: 91BB2AA1
MD5: a15254c9ea678e7df5b279fbd998ddc7
ep21 CRC: FDE65EE7
MD5: 4c7ea2c0ca869f1b703403e713330024
ep21-pre CRC: E035518F
MD5: 269b6420e7da03463b632b4e16071f3e
ep22 CRC: B6C7B824
MD5: 397c06e72e4f271297ffd126bda5c5a7
ep22-pre CRC: 5262F802
MD5: 58988f3297e07cf7bd5d34f49cc2fa99
ep23 CRC: F8D3617F
MD5: e662721e35d2c1092223adf47d9ccc33
ep23-pre CRC: 4C7C0970
MD5: 6a91088d1f77160edbf110981d16890a
ep24 CRC: 6BD0F432
MD5: e55dfbcdc38c02bfee1ff11e2198d1fc
ep24-pre CRC: 6990DF0A
MD5: 6bec8ed97ee20ee8cd77f29d0aa08a70
ep25 CRC: 83156249
MD5: 98aca2ca727cb2fd2c01f6d27ff8734d
ep25-pre CRC: 335E49AC
MD5: 9221a5112d131fa40ab33b1ee0fa3875
ep26 CRC: FA54C706
MD5: 2c720ff96cdb98cbb6202c52fae76697
ep26-pre CRC: 4E480B57
MD5: b332d0377bcc8d54790df4dd5639921f
ep27 CRC: 80C55A5B
MD5: cb61e05905766082b62789be6af64429
ep27-pre CRC: 77826C98
MD5: a96ba422b86e21137a612db09bc52908
ep28 CRC: F83C25BE
MD5: ee37df4af5656a6f5ab5d51e18fc1845
ep28-pre CRC: 28A29E51
MD5: 13ed63a5a2a6611e04af6f2ba26ccffd
ep29 CRC: A0929473
MD5: f810b8441c83b81a68913748f3af6a06
ep29-pre CRC: A3796000
MD5: d7a763684bb0a5518660db7a04f420b3
ep30 CRC: 40719D49
MD5: 2e39538878ccf95eee75c25bef2eb8d2
ep30-pre CRC: DFF06A5C
MD5: b87e613ba645f1e8de1f31d333e756fd
ep31 CRC: C701782C
MD5: ae3aca82aa46280586cec1127a4961b4
ep31-pre CRC: 18C9889B
MD5: 9c6295fec16a9f03f787f7d5c2ad75fa
ep32 CRC: B404465E
MD5: 7631cc1ed943a70cf3f90196f771bbc0
ep33 CRC: A65AE33C
MD5: 136a85e406b4202aeed58c9e8af92b8e
ep33-pre CRC: 3CA12676
MD5: 0beedeb00737ac2820c9edde7f2ec9d2
ep34 CRC: C1DA24A5
MD5: f718941f0be3116adf9c62a6455c34b2
ep34-pre CRC: A7CB507F
MD5: bfdabaa2f8654b7ef82da115c6f13aa9
ep35 CRC: 9A0EB45D
MD5: ba8c7a83e0d0fc6516a36d90d70803d9
ep35-pre CRC: EEC130D0
MD5: 8a6012e6714df9cb6f04180d7651c3f5
ep36 CRC: 9701E88D
MD5: d7cf6284de0aef630209785ecd1fb8eb
ep36-pre CRC: B67FCF16
MD5: 323f172021c067fd3b7baea98021218f
ep37 CRC: 2B7EEFB9
MD5: 7854017cd71021e00664f9fde7027338
ed01 CRC: F18D4CED
MD5: 90f532691754748d41864e0c20a1fbcb
ed02 CRC: 6D95B72C
MD5: 744627196f327f16f381fbd02d26cf95
op01 CRC: 40954D3C
MD5: d1048edc4d4522ebbb8dfb588dbe387d
op02 CRC: 2DD6C11C
MD5: be721cfe19072c39f3fb45fb1d8efc3c

I have a dream!

I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration of fansubbing in the history of our nation.

Five score years ago, a great fansubber, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, subbed the Death Note series. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of anime fans who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity.

But one hundred years later, the batch still is not finished. One hundred years later, the life of the fans is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. One hundred years later, the fans lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. One hundred years later, the fans is still languished in the corners of fansubbing society and finds himself an exile in his own land. And so we’ve come here today to dramatize a shameful condition.

And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead.

We cannot turn back.

Let us not wallow in the valley of despair, I say to you today, my fans.

And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the anime dream.

I have a dream that one day the magnificent series of Death Note, a series so great it can be watched over and over again, will be subbed by the subbers of TSR.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they can watch Death Note subbed in their own language; english!

I have a dream today!

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, and every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight; and the slow TSR will finish their project!

With this faith, we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.

And this will be the day — this will be the day when all of God’s children will be able to sing with new meaning:

My Death Note ’tis of thee, sweet subbers of liberty, of thee I sing.

Land where my fathers died, land of L’s pride,

From every mountainside, let freedom ring!

And if TSR is to be great fansubbers, this must become true… but not today.

Instead of focusing on actual QC, fixing and completion of our Death Note batch we have shifted focus onto our website. You may notice the new header, and we are coming closer to the look and feel we want from our site now. I guess we should soon shift focus back onto the batch and doing work on Death Note. For our regular readers you know what that means; moar delays, plz!

Regarding specials

Now… I’ll explain it one more time, since you (I’m looking at you, suiton) seem to be too dense to understand the numerous explanations given.

Special 1 is not listed in the informational section on top of the site, since the that’s for the batch of the series. The special is not being worked on, because you’ve all been singing and dancing happily wondering when the batch would be released, and we’ve therefore focused efforts on that. Plus other things unrelated to TSR.

I would also like to point out that the header for our informational section on top of the site reads “Detailed QC-status”. Now, special 1 isn’t nearly ready for QC yet, hence, there’s no reason to list that there now, is it?

According to CD Japan, which seems reliable enough, the DVD for Special #2 is released sometime in November. We might do a release, because, as I’ve said several times before, WE DO NOT HAVE ANYONE ABLE TO TRANSLATE FROM JAPANESE TO ENGLISH FOR US. Is that clear enough? We can’t provide subtitles on our own, and therefore we depend on another group to do the translation, or finding someone who could help with the translation.

Now, the most likely event is that some other group releases their own version, and, based on the quality of that, we may, or may not, steal their translation and release our own version. Meaning that if we think their version is good enough, or better than anything we could have done, we would not release our own. I don’t care if you want to have everything from one group or not. If we can’t provide a better product, we won’t do it. Period.

I’ve also stated several times before that if we don’t say anything, nothing has changed. So since there hasn’t been any news about any of the specials, assuming the status is the same as last time isn’t such a bad idea. To summarize once more; if we haven’t told you anything, nothing has happened. We have not dropped anything simply because there hasn’t been updates.

TL;DR: We have not dropped anything. If we don’t post updates, there hasn’t been any.


Also, as a final little note:
We are not actively looking for anyone to help, but send a mail to rye@eastblue.org or contact one of the operators on IRC (we live in #TSR@irc.rizon.net) if you are able to translate, and would like to help. A joint could of course also be considered. (Means less work for us, right?)

And no, suiton (and others), you do not have to recommend other groups that might be able to help, or groups you like. This is for people able to do the actual work themselves only.

Looking back

Looking back at the old files, I can’t understand how we actually released this shit. Or how you people could actually download it, and like it.

This crap sickens me!