Failure. A word that describes the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, opposite of success.

Failure. A word that describes an object, person or endeavour in a state of failure or incapable of success

Failure. A word that describes the termination of the ability of an item to perform its required function.

Failure. The english language cannot describe TSR with one word any better.

Rebirth. We startet out pretty great in my opinion. Fairly regular releases. Good video quality. Some v2 and v3s, but hey, we had never before done anything like this. I have to say I am pretty proud of our releases. That was the beginning of TSR.

Frenzy. And so we managed to finish the complete Death Note series. The first group to complete the whole series in English. We were high up in the sky! When looking back it all seemed so easy. So we decided to do it all once more. But this time we wouldn’t settle for less. Ordered chapters, alpha-timing, even better quality, double quality checks and whatnot. As I said; we were really up high. That was what should have been the end of TSR’s Death Note work.

Doubt. As we started on the batch-rework we soon realized what we had done. The work morale soon disappeared, and work started to slow down. So slow that it soon stalled completely. We lost interest. Death Note was not fun anymore, and we were sick and tired of working on it. This is was the first sign of our failure.

Silence. Weeks and months passed by. Our Death Note work had as much activity as your generic american ghost town. People started to get more and more impatient and nagging in our IRC channel. After a while I just tuned it out and responded in a fairly cruel way. Unfortunately people didn’t seem to care that much about my responses and slowly I lost interest in that too. This was the death of TSR.

New World. The fight between Kira and his pursuers finally comes to an end. In the same fashion we have decided to let Death Note go. I know we promised a release in time for christmas, and I regret that we have to let you down. Death Note and TSR is taking up too much time in our lives and we are not going to have the same enthusiasm as before ever again for this project. TSR might return some time for another project but from our mood right now that doesn’t seem likely. This is the failure of TSR.

We are sorry…

…that we lied. Because we have finished the entire batch! Death Note is complete!

Torrents can be found at: NyaaTorrents
The bot in #TSR on should be updated in some time.

We hope you enjoy this full batch of Death Note. Although we didn’t enjoy the making of it so much at the end we are going to look back at the work with pride. On a side note; 1 of November 2008 is exactly one year after when we first published an episode of Death Note. A year is a long time, but rest assured, this is quality! Good night.