Death Note summary

So, with our first project finished, it’s time for a tiny little summary. (And yes, we consider the series as one project, and then each special as their own project).

Without these people, this project would never have seen the light of day

  • Animanda — for translations up to episode 31
  • Kuro-Hana — translations from episode 32 to 35
  • Ruberia — translations for episode 36 and 37

Then, the staff from TSR that worked on the project

  • gorken — QC, distro, public relations (some website-posting and IRC management) and whining
  • pnb — everything else, plus walls of text on the website.

Finally, to all of you incredibly patient people who kept pestering and nagging for updates and releases. Without that, we would never have bothered doing this all over again. And possibly not even the first time.

Also, I just updated the scripts available here, so if some of you for some reason want the ASS-files only, they’re available in ass/dn. And going on AniDB to rate us and/or comment is also appreciated.