Regarding specials

Now… I’ll explain it one more time, since you (I’m looking at you, suiton) seem to be too dense to understand the numerous explanations given.

Special 1 is not listed in the informational section on top of the site, since the that’s for the batch of the series. The special is not being worked on, because you’ve all been singing and dancing happily wondering when the batch would be released, and we’ve therefore focused efforts on that. Plus other things unrelated to TSR.

I would also like to point out that the header for our informational section on top of the site reads “Detailed QC-status”. Now, special 1 isn’t nearly ready for QC yet, hence, there’s no reason to list that there now, is it?

According to CD Japan, which seems reliable enough, the DVD for Special #2 is released sometime in November. We might do a release, because, as I’ve said several times before, WE DO NOT HAVE ANYONE ABLE TO TRANSLATE FROM JAPANESE TO ENGLISH FOR US. Is that clear enough? We can’t provide subtitles on our own, and therefore we depend on another group to do the translation, or finding someone who could help with the translation.

Now, the most likely event is that some other group releases their own version, and, based on the quality of that, we may, or may not, steal their translation and release our own version. Meaning that if we think their version is good enough, or better than anything we could have done, we would not release our own. I don’t care if you want to have everything from one group or not. If we can’t provide a better product, we won’t do it. Period.

I’ve also stated several times before that if we don’t say anything, nothing has changed. So since there hasn’t been any news about any of the specials, assuming the status is the same as last time isn’t such a bad idea. To summarize once more; if we haven’t told you anything, nothing has happened. We have not dropped anything simply because there hasn’t been updates.

TL;DR: We have not dropped anything. If we don’t post updates, there hasn’t been any.


Also, as a final little note:
We are not actively looking for anyone to help, but send a mail to or contact one of the operators on IRC (we live in if you are able to translate, and would like to help. A joint could of course also be considered. (Means less work for us, right?)

And no, suiton (and others), you do not have to recommend other groups that might be able to help, or groups you like. This is for people able to do the actual work themselves only.