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I am happy to announce my new partnership with Maestro E-sports and i am looking forward to our collaboration


I have added a gallery section to the webpage :)


I have gotten the awsome chance to be seated in a special streaming area @ DHS-17 and i would love if you guys stoped by and said hi. :)

Date: 19/6-17
Time: 6pm cest
Place: wehype up-n-coming streamers area


In the spirit of the launch for this webpage on the 8th of may (my birthday ;) ) i will have a Giveaway at the end of this month


Time for Hexis lan


Updated the webpage
  • Put in a twitter feed
  • put in (Whats new?) section
  • Put in a Facebook feed
  • 19/03/17

    I am now partners With
    so why dont you check them out.(click on the picture) minimum age for betting is 18 years old.


    I am now working with TDGEsports as there streamer,(click on the picture to get to there site) i am there first commitment to there streamer section and this feels really awsome and i am hopening for a long time partner relationship. Thanks for the faith to the crew at Team Dutch Gaming.


    I just signed with Moguled a company that works with different sponsors and offers marketing campaigns for streamers with the ability to earn a dollar or two.