Making progress…

…is not something we do. At least not lately. So I thought I’d make a little post explaining things.

First, I got a job. Full-time until school starts in about a month, and then part-time from there, which means I won’t have so much time to work on other projects, such as Death Note (which I assume is the project most of the visitors here is interested in). Now, this isn’t actually so bad, since I don’t have very much Death Note related work at the moment. We’re just waiting for some QC, and then I can start doing something again.

And that brings us to our second problem, our QCer. He too works a lot. And has a girlfriend. And other things he would rather do. So things are going slow. Got a mail from him 11 days ago with a list of fixes for the three first episodes. Which proves that things are getting done. Albeit not as quick as many of you surely hoped.

Thirdly, the report contained a funny line:
“ep02 —> 09:25: subs gone”.
I naturally assumed that somehow the timing of that one line was botched, so it didn’t show up, but as it turned out, every single line from that moment on was gone. And not just lines with zero duration or accidentally marked as being a comment, or something like that. They were gone from the file.

Now, “how could this happen?” some of you might think. As it turns out, quite easily. When I was done timing, I had to “syncronize” the styles, so that each file had the same styles, since consistency is important. Instead of opening every single file in Aegisub and copy-pasting the right styles there, I decided to write my own little tool, which, creative as always, I named ruby-subtitles. Since it’s written in Ruby, and made to alter subtitles. Ingenious, is it not?

So my library, and very untested ASS-parser got it first test on our scripts, and failed magnificently. Turns out it barfed when it encountered a comment, and silently stopped parsing the file. Which is bad, since I added a commented out line whenever the eyecatchers appeared, and so there was plenty of files with only half the subtitles present.

Luckily this doesn’t really affect anything, since we use Subversion for our scripts, and the fix was as simple as reverting back to before I commited my synchronized files, fixing ruby-subtitles, and then trying again. Only I haven’t done that last part. So our QCer is stuck with the old scripts where parts of them are only half. Until I fix it. Which will be soon. I promise.

Finally, we conclude this wall of text with another problem. And this might very well be the biggest problem of them all. We are not interested anymore. It started out fun, but I lost interest very quickly. Even before the first version was completed. And then the rework started out promising, but faded even quicker. And the QC-guy is the same. Which kind of explains why none of us really want to do any Death Note-related work after a day of full regular work.

The way I see it, we have several options:

  1. Drop Death Note, and close down TSR until further notice, taking everything with us to the grave.
  2. Drop Death Note, closing TSR, releasing the things we have so far.
  3. Keep working at our current pace, doing some work whenever we feel like it (which is not very often), but eventually releasing something.
  4. Release what we have, and keep working at our current pace, then finally releasing the completed TSR-version.

This is just me rambling. Nothing has been discussed with the rest of the staff, since he’s out real-lifing yet again. But even so, I’m the one with the final say in the matter, and I would like to hear some opinions. Which is why I enabled comments for this entry. And IRC is always acceptable as well.