Finishing up

Just commited my the two last episodes to the repository, so the end is near. Now I’m going to eat, and then do some final checks, making sure that we use the same wording for the rules, all episodes having the right styles and things like that, and then we only have to wait for the QC to be done.

Our QCer was planning on watching several (a lot) episodes in a row, but real life intervened, and it doesn’t look like he’ll have time for that in a while, so instead, he’ll watch one or two episodes, give his report, and then do some more whenever he gets time. But don’t worry. It’ll get done, and won’t be too long now.

And again, unless we know you personally, we probably don’t want you to help QC or anything. At least not officially. If you’ve noticed some errors with the old releases, do tell, but you won’t get access to the new scripts until they’re released.