Yes, we’re still working.
No, we’re not going to drop Death Note.
No, we haven’t dropped the special.
Yes, it will be done after the rework.
No, don’t download the old releases.
Yes, the QC takes forever.
No, it’s not my fault.
Yes, it will be finished.
Yes, we know the QC is slow.
No, we don’t want you to be our QCer.
Yes, he will be whipped if he doesn’t start soon.
No, it’s not too late to suggest changes/improvements (IRC or mail)
Yes, you may do whatever you please with our encodes, scripts, styles or any combination of them.
No, you don’t have to credit us.
Yes, you may even sell it, because no matter what we write here, if you feel like it, we can’t do anything to stop you.
Yes, I know you probably have a clever question that’s not answered here. Goto IRC