More delays, and a new website.

Got sick and tired of hand-typing each single line of HTML. So now I battled with Textpattern, and made it behave kind-of like I wanted to. Which means that the feed, if any of you used that, has changed URL, and you’ll need to resubscribe.

Then, for some sad (or great) news. Death Note (meaning the complete batch, and the special) will be delayed even more. The problem started when I was re-timing ep01. At the end, the preview was gone, and replaced with an error message from AviSynth, which I hadn’t noticed at all. Same with the 11 others. Meaning either cut them out from only the 12 first, or re-encode them.

And that got us talking. Who actually watches the previews at all? I know that with all the episodes I’ve seen, I’ve never, ever watched a single preview, except when I had to work on them. And since it has already aired and every episode is available, is it really a point in including them?

Additionally, when we started working on Death Note, I wanted to use ordered chapters, but our silly QCer refused. He has now changed his mind, and suddenly wanted us to release a version with them after all. That, plus the other episodes could use some tiny touches here and there made us decide to do everything over again. And to do it properly this time >_>

Update: Forgot to mention that this will be the last time we do any more Death Note-related work. I don’t care if they release a super-high-definition remastered Blu-Ray-edition or a new season or the subtitles say something completely different from the audio, or anything. After this, there will be no more updates whatsoever. This will be the final version.

TL;DR: Re-release of every episode. Ordered chapters. Rips from R2 DVD. No dual audio. Softsubbed english. Ogg Vorbis audio. Over 9000 fixes! No updates after this!