Maybe if I force myself to write a few lines every week instead. I’m terrible at remembering what I actually do, so a quick note or two every day, then summarize it into a small post at the end of the week.

New habit, let’s go!

At work, the Big Migration(tm) continues. Did a few real customers with real data, with nothing unexpected happening. Minor tweaks and adjustments, but need more data before we decide if we want to add more logic, warnings or if this is fine.

Looking forward to all this being done, and being able to clean up everything migration-related.

Did another attempt at moving the BFF to .NET6 and the newest template. This time I won’t make the mistake of copying the files over too soon and making it lag behind the main branch. Simultaneous and simple to keep in sync with main. Looking good so far, and feels even cleaner and simpler than the last time I attempted this. Just need to do a ton of testing, but that’s the last, big thing left on pre-Core ASP.NET we’re responsible for.

The security group is still going on, picking up speed. It’s been fun to attempt to hack ourselves, even though it feels like nobody really knows what we’re doing. Haven’t found anything yet, but there’s probably something lurking around. If nothing else, it helps making sure we’re thinking more about it, which is always good. Too easy to focus on the happy path with authenticated users using the system as intended, and not on how to break things.

Got two HomePod Minis I’m playing around with now. Currently have them in a stereo pair. Works nicely as speakers for the TV, and listening to music when puttering around. Podcasts when doing other things (cooking, doing the dishes, …) wasn’t as nice, unfortunately. Too easy to miss words and parts due to other noise.

Still not comfortable talking to the air, so not using Siri for anything.

Finished watching the last few episodes of Hellsing Ultimate, as well as season 1 of Code Geass. Currently watching season 2 of Code Geass.

I want to find something new to watch, but at the same time I want to know what I’m getting into, so that’s going great.. I browse and scroll for a while in my list of things to watch, then end up starting something I’ve seen a ton of times before instead. Not necessarily anything good, but there’s no big surprises, and I’ve been somewhat nostalgic lately.

Recently finished The Girl and the Mountain and having a short break before going into The Girl and the Moon, the final book in the trilogy. The world of Abeth is fascinating, and I love me a lost civilization. Enjoyed the Book of the Ancestor more, but hoping the third book can turn that around.

Procrastinating from things I really should be doing by puttering around with things like the weeknotes, which of course required (not really) a small reorganization and rebuilding of the blog itself. Glad to see nothing has changed there…

Getting closer to leaving the kindergarten-stuff to the other parents, which will be very nice. We’ve definitely done our share of the work there.

Did a bit of work preparing firewood for coming winters. Bit of chainsaw work to cut logs into pieces, then splitting and letting it dry. Really need a better way of getting trees from the forest and back to where I want them. Too much manual work involved, making everything take forever.

Really lacking in energy these days, and can’t get off my ass and do things I want to do. So I end up working until the workday is over, then just… doing an idle animation until it’s time for bed. Hoping the coming spring might help with that, but who knows.