The last few days, in between work on iEye and school, I’ve extended my Twitter-script and made it into a full-fledged project. Named Twitorious. Which is slightly misleading, since that might suggest it only works on Twitter, which is wrong.

It currently supports all microblogging-sites with a Twitter-compatible API, or at least it should, in theory. I’ve only tested it on Twitter and

Should be pretty easy to extend it with support for other sites. And notification methods, since it currently only supports Growl. The gem I use for Growl-support, Meow only works on OS X, so that makes Twitorious OS X-only until someone writes a alternate notification-method. I don’t really need anything else yet. I launch the update-command manually once in a while, and watches all the updates appear one after one.

If anyone is interested, I’ve put the source up on GitHub. There’s a few things listed in the TODO-file. I’ll slowly work on a few of those as soon as I have time and I feel like I need it, but contributions are of course welcome.

Twitorious is MIT-licensed