Since I bought my MacBook Air some time ago, I figured that I wanted to replace my main working machine, currently running Gentoo Linux, with a Mac as well. But after purchasing the Air, which was more than expensive, I couldn’t afford another one, and when I could, rumor had it that the new, refreshed Mac Minis were right around the corner. So I waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally, today, Apple released their new Mac Minis. And I ordered one. Looks like it’s ready to ship anytime now, and I should have it sometime next week if nothing goes wrong.

My current machine, aeglos, is going to sit next to the TV, displaying all kinds of movies and series, and the Mini, currently unnamed, will be used for more serious work. Wondered if I might dual-boot aeglos with Windows, so I could play a few more games every now and then as well.

Decided to go with the most basic Mini, with only a single GB of RAM. That, of course, has to change. But since ordering the parts from the local electronic shop was less than half the price, I decided to be cheap and go that route. Hopefully not that hard to do things like that manually.