After a day of hacking and toying around, I think I can finally say that my new blag is complete. Yet another one. This might last a bit longer than the others, but not too likely.

The biggest change now is that I’ve moved to yet another blogging tool. First it was WordPress, then it was Blag2 (a home-made Rails-app that is now rotting away in one of my many repositories), then I moved to TextPattern. Finally, the time has come to go back to good old static web pages.

I now have a blag powered by Jekyll and Git. Also some magic with a post-commit-hook and rsync. And there’s some Pygments involved for that fancy code highlighting.

The start of it all was Dr Nic’s article that introduced me to the wonderful Jekyll. This was just what I was looking for for Flexo (on GitHub). And while reading the documentation, I decided to recreate my PerfectlyNormalBlag using Jekyll.

I decided that I wanted to keep the same URL without any fancy redirections or other ways of getting content from GitHub, so I set out to fix my own repository and make it work the same way. I use Gitorious for all my own repositories, and the first task was therefore to dive into the source and figure out how their hook system works.

Turns out all the repositories have a symlink to a common hooks-directory containing the hooks, which is okay as long as no one needs anything special. If that don’t get fixed in the future, I might take a stab at it myself, since per-project hooks would be nice to be able to configure. Anyways, the first step was to remove the symlink and create a directory instead. In there I made a symlink to all the regular hooks, except for post-receive, which I placed a line executing the real script in.



RSYNC_ARG="-r $RSYNC_DIR eastblue@www-host:www"

unset GIT_DIR
$GIT pull

exit 0

As you can see, all it does is pulling down the changes, running jekyll, and rsync them up to the web server. The big secret here is to unset GIT_DIR, or possibly just change it to the right folder.

With the GIT_DIR-trick figured out, the rest was just creating the layout and starting to write the content. I’m now typing in the excellent TextMate, which easily defeats any web-UI for a blag I’ve ever tried. And having everything included in my dev-server-backup is also very nice.

Figured I should try adding some commenting, and hopefully also making it possible to use the tags for anything later on, but I think this might be enough for one day. Should export my previous entries from TextPattern as well, which shouldn’t be too hard isn’t hard.