We use timeline_fu for a simple timeline in iEye. The problem is that objects can be deleted, making the timeline events freak out a bit, since their subjects might not be there any longer.

One option is to make sure all timeline events referring to a deleted object is deleted as well, but that makes things disappear from the timeline.

Since we don’t want things to suddenly disappear, I installed is_paranoid, so the objects still exist, they’re just hidden by default. Now, this didn’t help much, since I couldn’t find a easy way to decide which finder timeline_fu uses to get the objects. Which means it’s time to start hacking things.

In my model, TimelineEvent, I now have this:

def actor
  find_with_destroyed(actor_type, actor_id)

def subject
  find_with_destroyed(subject_type, subject_id)

def secondary_subject
  find_with_destroyed(secondary_subject_type, secondary_subject_id)


def find_with_destroyed(klass, id)
  return nil unless id
  obj = eval klass.classify
  res = obj.find_with_destroyed(id) rescue nil
  res = obj.find(id) unless res

And everything works like a charm.