When ordering my MacBook Air, Apple said it would ship within 24 hours. Impatient as I am—since I was going on a vacation just a few days later, and really wanted to bring it, instead of my old piece of junk—I sent a mail when it had been around 30, asking what was happening. They replied, telling me that each item would be shipped from their respective warehouses within 24 hours, then meet up at a central place, and finally be sent to my place, and that this process would probably take 24 more hours. Then, five hours later, they changed the estimated shipping time to “1-2 weeks” instead of “within 24 hours”, so I sent another mail, asking for an explanation for this.

Never got a reply, so after a day, I cancelled the order and went down to a Apple-dealer in the neighboring town, which, as it turns out, had one MacBook Air left in the entire store. This was exactly the model I had ordered, so I bought it.

I am now therefore the proud owner of a MacBook Air, and am using it to type this entry. The store was a bit more expensive than ordering online, but since I actually received it, I felt it was worth the extra money.

Been arguing with the keyboard working together with Terminal.app and my other machines, but it’s now only switching windows in irssi that’s complicated, and I can live with that, since I plan on finding a proper IRC client later on.