Just when I was getting things done, and it seemed like I wasn’t going to have trouble keeping getting things done, I had to find another time waster. And this is a bad one.

A few friends came over yesterday, and they brought Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe, which is surprisingly fun. We started building, and before any of us knew it, seven hours had passed.

I am totally incapable of building a proper railroad junction needed for some linking of railroads and making things effective, and part of the fun was to just try to fix it by randomly adding tracks and signals, eventually turning it into unmaintainable crap that wouldn’t go anywhere, and would trap every train that accidentally stumbled upon it.

Great fun, and this could probably make me waste countless hours before I finally escape. Luckily it runs in a window, and can be paused whenever, so I might manage to sneak in some productive work in-between the construction.